What-if Analysis: Two Variable Data Table For Multiple Outcomes

Welcome to Excel Jet Consult. In this tutorial, we will learn how to use the What-if analysis tool called Data Table

Data Table returns multiple outcomes that enhances informed decision making given under different scenarios. The Data Table is in the What-if Analysis drop-down of the Forecast group under Data tab

Company XYZ manufacture Samsung Galaxy X4. They planned to produce 500 units and fixed ₦125,000 as the Price. All things been equal, they expect the Sales to increase by 9%. The company wants to see different outcomes when they product produce more or less of the phone and increase and decrease the Price

In cell B7, we want to calculate the Revenue if the company sold 500 units at ₦125,000 at 7% of Sales Increase. Execute the formula: =C3*C4*(1+C5)

The Revenue for the company is ₦66,875,000 given all the inputs

Next, we will select all the block of data is light green fill colour

Select Data Table from the What-if Analysis drop-down

In the Data Table dialogue box, select cell C3 and C5 as the Row input cell and Column input cell respectively

Click OK. From the caption below, we have result for multiple outcomes based on the input values. This will effectively give in making the best decision




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