Using GIF and Logo Backgrounds in Power BI

Welcome to Excel Jet Consult blog post. In this tutorial, we want to see how we can use GIF and logo in as Backgrounds

Using GIF and logo as backgrounds is up to every Power BI users. Depending on wat you are working on, you might want to insert logo and GIF backgrounds to our reports.

In the captions below, we have two reports we want to apply GIF and logo respectively.


To insert GIF:

In the Format handle, click on Page Background

Click on Add Image

Browse to the GIF location and insert

At first glance, it looks as though, there wasn’t any page background image displayed on our report despite adding the image as seen in the caption above. This is primarily because Transparency is 100 % by default. All we need to do is to adjust the Transparency to around 10% or less. Then, the GIF will be visible. See the caption below


We followed the same steps above. In the caption below, we have excel jet consult image as background. See the caption below


Using GIF or image depends on individual preference. This tutorial shows us that it is possible to have it in our reports


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