Welcome to Excel Jet Consult blog post. In this tutorial, we will learn how to use the UNICHAR Dax function to add check-marks to our data in Power BI. Let’s get started

UNICHAR Function returns the Unicode character that is referenced by the given numeric value.

UNICHAR Syntax                                              =UNICHAR(number)

REPT Function repeat text over a given number of times

REPT Syntax                                                       =REPT(Text, NumberOfTimes)

In the Report view of the caption below, we want to apply love characters to the rating. For example, Abiola David has Rating of 3. Therefore, we will have 3 red-arrow love character and 2 green love character

  • In the Calculations group of the Modelling tab, click on New Measure
  • In the formula bar, execute the formula: Love Rating = REPT(UNICHAR(11088),SUM(Data[Rating]))&REPT(UNICHAR(10024),5-SUM(Data[Rating]))

In the above DAX formula, the Unicode number for red-arrow love and green love characters are 11088 and 10024 respectively. Furthermore, I used ampersand sign (&) to join the two formula string together – REPT(UNICHAR(11088),SUM(Data[Rating])) and REPT(UNICHAR(10024),5-SUM(Data[Rating]))

The SUM function enables us to reference the column and Table name

The minus 5 indicates that we have 5 Love Rating

  • Drag and drop the Love Rating measure into the Values axis

In the caption above, we can see that Samantha Trume had 5 rating hence, we have five red arrow apple all through.

Note, there are hundreds of Unicode characters to use depending on specific needs

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