Sum of Digits Across Multiple Columns using LET Function

Welcome to Excel Jet Consult blog post, In this blog post, we learn how to use the LET Function in collaboration with other functions to sum digits across multiple columns. Enjoy and also watch the video

Sample Data 

In the caption below, we have List of Fruits & Vegetables in column A. In columns B to E, we have the Quantity Sold for each of the four Quarters

Taking row 2 as example, Quarters 1 to 4 quantity sold is 30, 67, 72 and 75 respectively. If we add up all the digits which are 3+0+6+7+7+2+7+5, that will return 37 which is exactly what we want to achieve.

Formula using LET Function

Next, we want to write a formula that will sum each of the digits across the four quarters,


  • In cell F2, execute the formula: =LET(abiola,MID(TEXTJOIN(,,B2:E2),SEQUENCE(LEN(TEXTJOIN(,,B2:E2))),1),SUM(abiola^1)). Do refer to the video for step by step explanation of the formula
  • Click Enter and copy down the formula using fill handle.

In the caption below, we have the sum of digits in each of column F cells.


We have seen how to sum digits across multiple columns using the LET Function. Do remember to checkout other blog posts and watch videos on my YouTube channel for more Excel tutorials

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