Subtotal Across Multiple Columns [Outline Advanced Options Italic]

In this Microsoft Excel tutorial, I demo how to perform Subtotal Across Multiple Columns and how to italicize selected cells using the inconspicuous Outline Advanced Options dialogue box! Let’s get started



Sample Data

In the screenshot below, we have sales data that spans from Date to Sales Amount. Note that it is impossible to perform Subtotal with dataset that is formatted as an Excel Table. The sample dataset, albeit appearing to be an Excel Table, is actually in a range!

Sort Payment Method Column

Since we are interesting in subtotaling the Payment Method using the Units, Price and Sales Amount columns respectively, we must sort the Payment Method Column either in ascending or descending order as we may desire. In this case, we will sort ascending

To sort your data:

  • Right-click on any cell in the Payment Method column
  • Select Sort and select A to Z ad seen below

Data sorted!


To perform the Subtotal:

  • In the Outline group of the Data tab, select SUBTOTAL

In the SUBTOTAL dialogue box,

  • Select Payment Method from the “at each change in” dropdown
  • Check Units and Price to add subtotal to. Note, the Sales Amount is checked automatically

  • Click OK

From the caption below, we are see the Subtotal for each Payment Method based on Units, Price and Sales Amount. In addition, we can see the outline to the left of the screen, By default, it shows the outline 3

Italicize Subtotal for FasaPay Payment Method

To apply the italic in an unusual way:

Select cells E9 to G9

Click on Outline and select the little arrow at the bottom right corner as seen in the screenshot below

In the Settings dialogue box, check Automatic style box and click on Apply styles

From the caption below, we can see that the three selected cells is italicized

See you in the next video

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