Simultaneously Insert Blank Line after each rows and Sort Descending in Excel

Welcome to Excel Jet Consult blog post. In this Excel video, I demo how to Simultaneously Insert Blank Line after each rows and Sort Descending. If you enjoy this blog post and video, like, share, comment and subscribe to this channel


Do watch the video below

Sample Data

The screenshot below shows the sample data of a sales report

Create Helper Column

To achieve the super cool trick, I have to use an helper column with values of 1 to 16. In addition, I will copy the 1 to 16 and paste it at the bottom of the initial 1 to 16.

  1. In cell K4 to K19, enter 1 to 16 and copy the numbers
  2. In cell K20 to K35, paste the values

  • Right-click on any of the numbers in column K and select Sort
  • Finally, choose Sort Largest to Smallest

In the screenshot above, the blank line is inserted and the Account Managers are also sorted in descending order. See you in the next blog

compileddata compiled_data

data maindata

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