Retrieve Day From Date Values using Custom Formatting

Welcome to Excel Jet Consult blog post. In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to retrieve day of the week from date value using Custom Formatting. Let’s get started

Sample Dataset

The screenshot below shows the dataset in columns A and B

Retrieve Day From Date Values

Based on the sample dataset screenshot above, it can be seen that all the date values are the same across the two columns. The reason is because, we are going to use the date values in column B to perform the custom formatting while retaining the date values in column A

To perform the operation:

  • Click anywhere in column B and press CTRL + 1
  • In the Format Cells dialogue box, select Custom located at the bottom left corner
  • Clear the content under the type and then type in ddd

By now, we should see the same of output

  • Click OK

From the caption below, we are see the day of the week based on the Date Value

See you in the next tutorial.

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