Power Query: Split Date and Time into Separate Columns

Welcome to Excel Jet Consult blog. In this tutorial, we want to learn how to split Date and Time using Power Query. Let’s get started.

In the caption below, we have a Date & Time data in column A with Date Format: mm/dd/yyyy

Format Data as Excel Table

Since we want to work with Power Query, the first thing we need to do is to format the data as Excel Table:

  • To do that, click anywhere in the data and execute CTRL + T

  • Check my table has headers and click OK
  • In the Get & Transform, click on From Table

  • In the Power Query editor, click on Split Column in the Home tab
  • Select By Delimiter
  • Select Space from the drop-down
  • Check Left-most delimiter

  • Click OK

From the caption below, we have the date and time split into two columns

Close and Load

Finally, we can choose Close & Load to load the result back to excel. In the Home tab select Close & Load



Power Query is fantastic to perform cleaning and transformation of our data for further analysis or consumption

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