Power BI Power Query New Features: Column Quality, Distribution & Profile

Welcome to Excel Jet Consult. In this tutorial, we want to learn about the new feature in Power BI Power Query Editor


Shows the quality of data preview. Light blue colour indicate that all preview data is valid. Red colour indicate that there is error in the data while the black colour indicate that there are empty cells in the data.

In the Order ID column of the caption above, we notice that the black base line colour is longer that the light blue colour. This implies that there are more empty cells in that column than cells with correct values. Other columns show light blue colour all through which imply that there are neither empty nor errors in the data.

To turn on the Column Quality button: Click on View tab and check Column Quality.



Column distribution shows value distribution in data preview. To turn on the button, check the Column Distribution under the view tab

In the caption above we notice that we have distribution for distinct and unique values in other columns except Order ID column loaded with empty cells



Displays the profile in each selected column. For example, I selected Order Date column and check the Column Profile button and it display value for Column Statistics and Column Distribution as seen below

The new features certainly will help users to understand whether the imported data is accurate or requires correction

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