Locking Objects

Welcome to Excel Jet Consult blog post. In this tutorial, we will learn how to lock objects in our report.

Quite often, when we create our dashboard which involves so many steps, we’d like the report to be dynamic and not to be moved around or disorganized when interacting with the report. Power BI provides the functionality that enables locking all the object which includes the visualizations.

Hopefully, in the nearest future, Power BI will have an enhancement to lock objects using Password. In the caption below, we have two reports in Page 1 and Page 2.

In the Page 1 of the caption below, we have Matrix, Line and Clustered Column Charts, Scatter Chart visualizations and Excel Jet Consult inserted logo which is also an object

In the Page 2 of the caption below, we have United States of America filled map, Slicer, Map and Multi-row card visualizations

Therefore, to Lock the Objects:

In the Show group of the View tab, click on Lock Objects as seen in the caption below

All the Objects in both Page 1 and Page 2 are locked. It is impossible to move any of the objects until lock is lifted

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