How to Enable Nigerian Naira Currency Symbol

Nigerian Naira currency symbol by default is not available to format numeric values. However, Excel makes it easy to permanently enable the local currency symbol.

To insert Nigeria Naira currency symbol:

  • In the Symbols group of the Insert tag, click on Symbol
  • In the Symbols tab of Symbol dialogue box, select (normal text) from the Font dropdown
  • Select Currency Symbols from the Subset dropdown
  • Select Unicode (hex) from the From dropdown. Then scroll down and locate Nigeria Naira currency symbol
  • Click on the currency symbol and click on Insert

  • Finally, close the dialogue box

The inserted currency symbol is visible in the formula bar and the active cell as seen below

  • Copy the symbol from the formula bar
  • In the Window Start Bar on the computer or laptop, type in Control Panel
  • Under Clock, Language and Region, click on Change date, time, or number formats

  • In the Region dialogue box, click on Additional settings below

  • In the Customize Format dialogue box, click on Currency tab

  • In the Currency symbol box, paste the copied Nigeria Naira currency symbol

  • Finally click on Enter on the keyboard. Note, users may need to repeat all the steps above to compel the system to accept the changes in the Control Panel

To test whether the currency symbol works

  • Select cells that contains numbers and execute CTRL + SHIFT + 4 to format.

Voila, it worked perfectly. Remember to register for our Microsoft Excel Advanced Master Class Business Data Analytics to boost your efficiency and productivity.

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