How To Create Custom List In Excel 2019 Version – US States As An Example

Microsoft Excel enables users to create desired custom list that can be auto filtered. In this blog tutorial, we have 50 States in the United States that we want to use as the criteria to create custom list. After creating the custom list, we will test whether its working or not. Let’s get started!

In the caption below, we have a screenshot of the States in US that we want to use as custom list criteria. 50 States in all

To create our custom list:

  • Right-click on any of the tabs such as Home, Data, Insert etc
  • Select Customize the Ribbon

  • In the Excel Options dialogue box, click on Advanced on the left pane

  • Scroll down and locate General

You will see create lists for use in sorts and fill sequences.

  • Click on the Edit Custom List

  • In the Custom Lists dialogue box, click inside the cell reference box and select the cell reference from the spreadsheet.

  • Click on Import. The newly created custom list is automatically added as the last entry to the default Custom List and values can be seen in the List entries

  • Click OK for the Custom List and another OK for Excel Options dialogue box

To test whether the Custom List is working:

  • In a new sheet, type in the first State based on alphabetical order – Alabama and select empty 49 cells below

  • In the Editing group of the Home tab, click on Fill dropdown and select Series

  • Check AutoFill box under Type

  • Finally, click OK. The custom list autofilled down to the selected cells

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