Full Pyramid Clustered Column Chart Shape

Welcome to Excel Jet Consult blog post. In this tutorial, we want to learn how to format our column chart using Full Pyramid shape. Let’s get started

We have a sample data as seen in the caption below

Create 3-D Column Chart

The column shape where the full pyramid is embedded in 3-D Column and Bar Charts. Hence, we need to create column chart first. To do that:

  • Click anywhere in the data
  • In the Chart group of the Insert tab, click on Column and Bar Chart drop-down
  • Select 3-D Clustered Column chart

  • In the Current Selection group of the Chart Format contextual ribbon tab, click on Format Selection. OR
  • Right-click on the chart area and select Format Chart Area.
  • In the Format Chart Area pane, select Chart Options drop-down

  • Select Series “Total” and select Series options
  • Check the Full Pyramid option

We have the Full Pyramid column shape. See you in the next blog


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