Fabric Data Warehouse: Save as Table and Analyze Result Functionalities

Welcome to Excel Jet Consult blog post. In this post, we will be looking at Microsoft Fabric Data Warehouse Save as Table and Analyze Result functionalities that offer several benefits to users and analyst.

Benefits of Save as Table and Visualize Result

Save as Table functionality allows users to save query results into a table. Users can select the warehouse in which they would like to save results, select a schema that they have access to create tables, and provide a table name to load results into the table using the CREATE TABLE AS SELECT statement. Once the table is successfully created, it will appear in the Warehouse Explorer.

Analyze Result functionality enables users to visualize query results and gain insights into their data. Users can select the query and then select the Analyze Result button to open the query results in a new window. The Analyze Result window provides several options for visualizing the data, including charts, tables, and maps. Users can also customize the visualization by selecting different chart types, colors, and labels.

Demo on Visualize Result

To use the Analyze Result functionality, users can follow these steps:

  • Run a query in the Fabric Data Warehouse: In the screenshot below, we have execute the query

  • Select the query in the query results window
  • In the Visualize results window, click Continue

  • Create the report using the visualizations. In this example, we used the Table visual to create FiscalPeriod by SumTaxAmount and we increase the Value font size

  • At the bottom right corner of the window, select Save As
  • In the Save your report window, provide the name for the report and select destination workspace as seen below

  • Click Save

The report is saved

Finally, we can investigate the report in the workspace as seen below

In conclusion, by using these functionalities, users can easily save query results for future use and gain insights into their data through visualizations.

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