Extract Top 5 Transactions By Units Sold

Welcome to Excel Jet Consult blog post. In this tutorial, we will learn how to Extract Top 5 Transactions By Units Sold. Let’t get started


In the screenshot below, we have a sample sales dataset containing a handful of columns and rows.

Extract Top 5 Transactions By Units Sold

To extract the top 5 transactions by units sold, we will need to use combination of SORT, FILTER and the LARGE functions.

In cell I2, execute the formula: =SORT(FILTER(A2:G147,E2:E147>=LARGE(E2:E147,5)),2,-1)

Click Enter. The formula spills to the right columns and the bottom rows respectively

Based on the formula, we used the the dynamic array FILTER Function and provided the range A2:G147 will is the input cell reference for the array argument. Next, for the include argument of the FILTER function, we provided the E2:E147 range and used the greater than or equal to maths operators against the same cell reference range in the LARGE function. In addition, we specified 5 for the LARGE function k argument which will return the Top 5. Finally, we used the SORT function and specified 2 as the sort order. Then, we specified sort descending with the minus 1

From the screenshot below, we accurately retrieved the top 5 transactions based on the units sold


See you in the next tutorial

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