1. WOW!!! I am way too ignorant avbout Excel to do what you have done but it was absolutely fasinating to watch. I wanted to try and find a way to do this kind of thing, but my problem is Excel straight up PMT, ISPMT or whatever the right function is, just makes me go crazy.

    My issue is very similar, not the money, with an 84 month loan, fixed rate 5.24%, where early in the payment schedule, I made a few extra payments, like $2,750, $280, whatever I could do, but I don’t see the loan being shortened by those “Balloon” or extra payments.. I have no idea if what you hve done is applicable to my situation because your calculations were rather fast to watch and I could not follow how to apply my circumstances into this project. Is this a template that can be edited and maybe used by me to manage my loan??

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