Delete Blank Rows without impacting non-contiguous columns

Welcome to Excel Jet Consult blog post. In this tutorial, we will learn of the hidden secret d deleting empty rows without the operation impacting the non-contiguous columns with data

In the caption below, we have data in columns A to C with empty rows which we want to delete. We also have data in columns E to H which, after deleting the empty rows in columns A to C, data in columns E to H will not be deleted


Identify Blank Rows

The firs thing we need to do is to identify all the blanks rows. To do that

  • Select all the range including the blank rows
  • Execute ATL + HFDS on the keyboard to open Go To Special dialogue box
  • Check Blanks

  • Click OK

In the caption below, all the blanks rows are identified

  • Execute CTRL + – (minus sign) to delete.

In the caption below, we can see that all the blank rows are deleted without any problem to the data in columns E to H

This is made possible because we hard code the selection we want to delete blanks rows. In addition, this technique eliminate the need to first transfer the data in columns E to H to another sheet and then delete the blanks rows

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