Data Pipeline to Copy Data from Data Warehouse to Lakehouse in Microsoft Fabric

Scalable data movement is one of the key activities of Data Engineers. In this article, we will learn how to create data pipeline to copy data from Data Warehouse to Lakehouse in Microsoft Fabric. Let’s get started

We have already create A to Z of Warehouse workspace and there is data in the Transaction data warehouse that we will ingest into the Lakehouse using data pipeline.

Next, within the same workspace, switch  to the Data Engineering experience by clicking on the icon at the bottom left.

Click on the Lakehouse (Preview)

In the New lakehouse box, type in DemoLH

Click Create

In the DataLH lakehouse, click on Add data pipeline

In the New pipeline box, type in sales

Click Create

In the Copy data into lakehouse, select Data Warehouse

Click Next

Select Transaction from the Data Warehouse dropdown

Click Next

Click Next again

The data will be loaded into existing lakehouse

Click Next

The three tables are visible and the column mapping is fine

Click Next

In the Copy Summary, we have the flow of the data pipeline from the source to destination

Click Save + Run

In the Pipeline run, we’ve got the Parameters Name, Type and Value

Click OK

The pipeline is successfully deployed and succeeded as seen in the screenshot below

In the screenshot below, all the three tables are available in the lakehouse.

See you in the next tutorial.

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