Copy Sheet Between Workbooks in Excel Way

Welcome to Excel Jet Consult blog post. In this tutorial, we will see how to copy sheet from one workbook to another. Let’s get started.

Usually, many users select all the cells in a sheet using CTRL + A or the Rows and Columns intersect below Name Box and execute CTRL + C. Then, in the other workbook, they execute CTRL + V to paste. This method is okay. However, there is a better and more intuitive way to do copy sheet between workbooks.

The Excel Way

We want to see how copy the between two workbooks in the Excel Way. In the caption below, we have a workbook with other 1 million of rows that we want to copy to another workbook

To copy the workbook:

  • Right-click on Sheet1
  • Select Move or Copy…
  • In the Move or Copy dialogue box, select (new book) from To Book dropdown
  • Check Create a copy located in the bottom left corner. Note, if Create a copy is not checked, Excel assume user want to Move the sheet

  • Click OK

From the caption above, we can see that we have the data in a new workbook Book1 Sheet1

We can also replicate the same operation in the Format drop-down of the Cells group in the Home tab

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