Excel for the Mac Power Query Text File Connection

Welcome to Excel Jet Consult blog post. In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to connect to dataset stored in text using Power Query for Mac. Let’s get started

The Excel for the Mac, just like Windows enable importing, refreshing and authenticating data sources, managing Power Query sources, clearing credentials, changing file-based data sources location, and shaping data into table.

In the screenshot below, we have a text file that contains SalesData

In the Data tab of the ribbon, click on Get Data (Power Query)

In the Choose Data Source window, click on Text/CSV import loader

Then, browse through the location of the text file. In this example, the text file is called myData and it is located in the Downloads as seen below.

So, click on the specific text file and we can see the preview of the dataset to the right

Click on Get Data

In the Preview the Data window, we can see the preview more broadly as seen below

Finally, click on Load. As we can see below, the text file is loaded into the Excel worksheet for further analysis   

See you in the next tutorial

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