Comprehensive SQL Server 2017 Installation

Welcome to Excel Jet Consult blog post. In this tutorial, we will learn how to fully download and install Microsoft SQL Server 2017. Let’s get started.


  • To download SQL Server 2017, type in download Microsoft SQL Server on google search.

  • Click on the first search result
  • In the caption below, click on the Developer edition Download now

  •  In the download, double-click on SQLServer2017-SSEI-Dev to run as an administration. See below

  • In the caption below, click on Custom

  • In the caption below, click on Install

In the caption below, downloading of installation package begins. The download depends on the speed of the internet connection

After the download is completed, the SQL Server Installation Center dialogue box automatically pops-up

  • On the left pane, click on the Installation as seen in the caption below

  • Click on the New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation

  • In the SQL Server 2017 Set-up dialogue box, click on Next
  • Check I accept the license terms

  • Click Next
  • Check Use Microsoft Updates to check for updates (recommended) box

  • Click Next
  • In the Install Rules, click Next

  • In the Feature Selection, check Database Engine Services box as seen in the caption below

  • Click Next
  • In the Instance Configuration, check Named Instances box and provide desired name
  • Click on Tab key on the keyboard. See the caption below

  • Click Next
  • In the Server Configuration, click on Next

In the Server Configuration tab of the Database Engine Configuration, Mixed Mode (SQL Server authentication and Windows authentication):

  • Provide secured Password and confirm password
  • Click on Add Current User

  • Click on Next
  • In the Ready to install, click on Install

Installation completed as seen in the caption below

  • Click Close


In the SQL Server Installation Center, click on Install SQL Server Management Tools to download. However, for this tutorial, I have it downloaded on my system as seen in the caption below. Therefore, I double-clicked on it to run as an administrator

  • In the caption below, click on Install

  • In the caption below, click on Restart to complete setup

  • In the Windows Start bar, search and open SQL Management Studio
  • In the Authentication drop-down of the Connect to Server dialogue box, select SQL Server Authentication
  • In the Login box, type in sa
  • In the Password box, type in the password entered earlier
  • Optionally, you can check the Remember Password box
  • Click Connect


SQL Server Ready To Use!

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