Calculating Fiscal Quarter in Power BI

Welcome to Excel Jet Consult blog post. In this tutorial, we want to learn how to calculate Fiscal Quarter. Let’s get started.

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Fiscal Quarter

In this example, the Fiscal Quarter starts from July of the current year and ends in June of the next year. This invariably implies that:

July, August and September represent Fiscal Quarter 1

October, November and December represent Fiscal Quarter 2

January, February and March represent Fiscal Quarter 3

April, May and June represent Fiscal Quarter 4

Nested IF Statement

To achieve the above fiscal quarter, we are going to deploy nested IF statement

To calculate the Fiscal Quarter: In the Calculations group of the Home tab, click on New Column

In the formula bar, execute:

Fiscal Quarter = IF(‘Date'[Quarter]=3,1,IF(‘Date'[Quarter]=4,2,IF(‘Date'[Quarter]=1,3,4)))

The first IF implies that if Date[Quarter] equals to 3, then deliver 1 if true

The second if statement tells us that if Date[Quarter] equals to 4, then return 2 if true e.t.c

From the above caption, we can see that July is the start of the Fiscal Quarter 1 and June is the last month of the Fiscal Quarter 4


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