Apply Bulk Comments or Notes to Top 5 Total Sales in Two Steps

Welcome to Excel Jet Consult blog post. In this tutorial, we are going to learn a supercool tricks to apply bulk Comments or Notes to Top 5 Total Sales in Two Steps. Let’s get started.



Sample Dataset

In the screenshot below, we have a dataset that has 5 columns. In M365 for Excel, Microsoft has replaced Comments with Notes. However, in the older versions, it is still called Comments. In this blog post, we will be using Notes because I have M365 installed on my system. In order versions, kindly use Comments

Filter Top 5 Total

We want to apply the bulks Notes to the Top 5 Total column, hence, we need to filter the top 5 Total. To do that:

  • Inside the dataset, press CTRL + SHIFT + L to turn on the filter buttons
  • Click on the Total column filter button
  • Select Number Filters and then Top 10 as seen below

  • In the Top 10 AutoFilter dialogue box, adjust the 10 to 5 as seen below

  • Click OK

Apply Notes to the Top 5

Next, we want to apply the Notes to the first Total out of the Top 5. This is the first step

  • Selecting cell E2, in the Notes group of the Review tab, click on Notes and select New Note

  • In the Note box, for this example, type in Top 5 Total and click outside the Note
  • Copy cell E2 using CTRL + C
  • Then, holding down the CTRL key, select the remaining 4 cells EACH under Top 5 filtered list
  • Release your hand on the CTRL key but do not deselect the selection

Paste Special on Comments and Notes

Next, we want to apply Paste Special: Comments and Notes

  • On any of the Top 5, right-click and select Paste Special as seen below

  • In the Paste Special dialogue box, select Comments and Notes

  • Click OK

From the first screenshot below, we can see that the Notes has been applied to the Top 5 Total

  • Next, clear the Filter from the Top 5

Finally, we can see that the Top 5 Total sales is having Notes attached

See you in the next video




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