ADVANCED Filter Super Trick to Reorder Entire Columns without Criteria

Welcome to Excel Jet Consult blog post. In this final tutorial on ADVANCED filter, we are going to see how to reorder columns without applying any criteria. Let’s roll


Sample Data

In the screenshot below, we have the same dataset use in the previous tutorial. If you look at it closely, you will discover that the main dataset has 4741 rows. So, our goal is to return all the 4741 rows in a reordered fashion without filter

To achieve the desired outcome, we have re-arrange the columns in G to K as follows Brand, Payment, Total, Region and Date respectively.

Reordering Columns

To reorder the columns,

  • In the Sort & Filter group of the Data tab, click on ADVANCED filter
  • Check Copy to another location
  • In the List Range, select the entire dataset from A1:E4741
  • In the Criteria Range reference box, leave it empty – that’s the trick!
  • In the Copy to, select G1:K1

  • Click OK

From the caption below, we can see that all columns are reordered and all the 4741 rows were returned

See you in the next tutorial

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