Activating Decomposition Tree Visual & Artificial Intelligence Insights

Welcome to Excel Jet Consult. In this blog post, we will talk about how to activate Decomposition Tree visual and AI Capabilities in Power BI made available in November 2019 Power BI update onward.

To activate Decomposition Tree visual and AI capabilities:

In the File tab, select Options and settings. Further select Options

In the Options dialogue box, under Global, select Preview features

In the Preview features list, check Decomposition tree visual and AI Insights function browser

Click OK

The complete the process, it is required to close and re-open the Power BI Desktop.

Open Power BI Desktop: In the visual, Decomposition Tree visual is located below Slicer visual (bottom left)

The AI Insights create AI Insights group on the far-right in the Home and Add Column tabs of the Power Query editor

To learn how to deploy the Decomposition Tree visual,click here

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