Across Sheet Advanced Filtering in Excel

Welcome to Excel Jet Consult blog post. In this post we will learn how to use the ADVANCED filter in Excel. Succinctly, filter allows users to narrow down the data they intended to see after a particular point in time.

The ADVANCED filter button is located in the Sort & Filter group of the Data tab

Note, the data we want to filter is located in the Sales Report sheet while the Filter criteria is located in the Filter Criteria sheet. See below

We want to filter the data in the Sales Report sheet based on the following criteria: Connor Rulibeth, Lagos, Beverages and Revenue that is greater than or equals to 5000 and less that or equal to 20000

To use the ADVANCED filter: Click inside the data and click on ADVANCED in the Sort & Filter group

The List range automatically get selected because we clicked inside the data initially

Next, click inside the Criteria range and proceed to the Filter Criteria

Select all the criteria (cells A1:E2)

Click OK. The data has been filtered based on the specified criteria as seen in the caption below

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial

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