Excel Jet Consult Power BI

Power BI is a business data analytics program that provide interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with an interface for end users to create reports and dashboards. Power BI Desktop is equipped with the tools required to import, transform, analyze and visualize data for sound decision making.

Excel Jet Power BI training is designed for professionals in Sales, HR, Marketing, Finance, Administration, Production and other users who create reports.

In-depth Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Power BI
  2. Understanding the Power BI interface and visualization
  3. Importing data from CSV, TXT, Excel, Access Database, Social Media, Web and SQL sources
  4. Understanding Power BI Power Query tools
  5. Extracting data and promoting field names
  6. Data cleaning, transformation and refining.
  7. Understanding the concept of Data Types
  8. Introduction to Star schemer and Snow flake merging.
  9. Appending data from different sources
  10. Enabling Power BI Power Query Formula Bar.
  11. Hiding unwanted field names.
  12. Importing data into the Data Model (Power BI)
  13. Understanding the difference between fact and dimension tables
  14. Creating relationships in the data model model
  15. Creating and using implicit and explicit measures
  16. Creating Calculated Columns and DAX Measures
  17. Understanding the diff between iterator and aggregator functions.
  18. Creating Date Table from scratch
  19. Data analysis using Time Intelligence Functions
  20. Creating and importing custom visualizations.
  21. Dashboard drilling down and focus.
  22. Adding supplementary data to folder and refresh
  23. Sharing reports and dashboards with multiple users